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Choosing the Perfect Badge Reel

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Having to wear your ID on your person in the workplace and in schools is becoming more and more commonplace for security reasons. Badge reels are great because they keep your ID readily available when needed, and they can reduce the likelihood of losing your ID. Although some companies who require this action will supply their employees with a basic badge reel, many people choose to show their individuality, personality, or fan favorites with unique ID badge reels if it is okay with their employer to do so.

When choosing the right badge reel, make sure it is something that you like and is not offensive in the workplace or in school. It is best to choose something that you can relate to in your profession, or a hobby that you enjoy. For sports fans that may be an icon or logo that shows their team spirit and loyalty, and for others it could be an animal they like such as a dog, cat, bird, or even their favorite super hero.

If your company or school is okay with employees and students wearing unique badge reels, I would suggest you do so to add personality, sparkle, or color to your daily wardrobe or uniform. Badge reels can even be great conversation starters for new employees, and for those who tend to be a little less outgoing in large gatherings such as corporate meetings, conferences, and student events. Either way, badge reels can be fun for students and employees of all ages.

Superhero Badge Reels

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